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you gotta be a fan

i just wanna say that i just used my own money to purchase my first plane ticket by myself. i am proud hehehe where am i going? well to a few places. my whores and i are all gonna drive down to anaheim to see m5 play. and then drive to san diego and from san diego, fly to vegas to see them play their last show of the year. some ppl would think i'm crazy. yeah, crazy for m5 lol and some dont understand why i go through so much for them. i mean, "it's not like you havent seen them play before," they would say. i got a few ppl telling me that. yeah i know. but it's a GREAT feeling everytime i see them play. yes most of them are the same songs but just being there up front... in front of james... having adam look at you while he sings... having him give you a shout out... having jesse nod hi... ryan smiling... and mickey's avoiding shyness LOL everytime is different. you cant explain it. you gotta be there. and you gotta be me and have so much love for them it's unbelievable. yes i'm nuts. but i'm a HARDCORE devoted fan and damn proud of it lol

you know i'm hardcore when even (m5's) heather told me "congrautlations! you're as nuts as me, lol." THAT means a lot. lol

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