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taken from garfpooky

Here are the rules:

"Write a journal entry with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six people on your friends list and tag them - no tagbacks. These rules should be included in your entry."
- same as garfpooky, i'm not gonna tag anyone. if you wanna do it, then do it. why wait till i tell you to? lol jk.

1. i'm a bad gambler. bad as in i have little self control in these things as opposed to an average person. my dad always tells me that it's good if i lose money when i gamble because it stops me from playing. my problem is that i tend to win... and majority of the time, i double what i started off with... usually more than double. but i dont walk away when i start losing. and i usually either end up losing what i started off with or break even when i could've walked away with double the amount of what i started with. i only have this problem in casinos, i have no problem walking away after i lose to a game of poker, mahjong or whatever with my friends.

2. before i snowboarded, i hated the snow. when i was younger, my family went to reno/lake tahoe for a short trip. we were on a beach covered in snow, a beach where all the little kids would slide down a small mountain with their boards. my brother and i decided it would be interesting to see the ocean frozen. so we walked across the beach, which seemed like a lifetime, and as expected we found the ocean frozen. there was a small island made by sand two feet away from us. my brother walked across the frozen water to the little island. i followed him and fell through before i reached the island. it wasnt deep, it just went up to my knees. but my shoes and socks were wet and freezing cold and with that, i had to walk back through the long beach covered in snow... i was not happy.

3. i like crunchy food. i love food but i especially love crunchy food (especially ones that supposed to be crunchy). you name it, i probably like it. if the food is crunchy because it was slightly burnt... i love it more. i dunno, i guess i just like to chew it and the sounds it make when i do? the only food i dont like crunchy that can be found crunchy a lot is a cookie. cookies are meant to be soft!

4. i like writing. i especially like to write in pencil or any pen that is thick... but not too thick. thicker than a standard pen but not as thick as a marker. i'm not sure why. when i was younger i would write anything in pencil and then erase it right after. i guess i like to erase things too lol i just like to write, it could be about nothing. if i really cant think of what to write, i would write out the whole alphabet or the sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." so by now you can probably guess that chalkboards and whiteboards are really popular with me lol

5. i have a little bit of OCD. well not really. more like sometimes i cant help myself but organized things. line them up if it's out of place. i would say i'm a bit of a neat freak but my room is far from neat. so call it whatever you want hahah i blame it partially on the fact that i've worked in retail for 2 years. i mean all you do is make sure everything is in place when you got nothing to do... and if you worked at retail, you KNOW there is always a demo out of place. haha now, even tho i havent worked in retail for almost 2 years... i would catch myself lining things back in place... when i'm shopping for example, if i noticed 1 out of the 4 jars are a little out of place, i casually line it back with the others... without really noticing lol i just cant really help it sometimes. :P but i know how to stop if i was told :P unlike Monk, "you'll thank me later" (i guess you would only get that if you watch it)

6. wearing street clothes to bed bothers me. i cant sleep in a bed with my street clothes on. even for a nap, i have to change. i just find it disgusting to do that. even if i was in a hotel, even if i dont have any clothes to change into, if i was alone, i'll just sleep in my underwear. if someone were to sleep in their street clothes in a bed, i wont share the bed with them. sometimes it bothers me to sit on a bed in my street clothes... or see someone who does that. but recently i am OK if it's sitting on top of the bed sheet. As long as it's not on the bed bed and not inside the covers.

i got a feeling i've done this before? well no harm in doing it again hehe
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