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happy (belated) 2007!

what did you do on new years eve? i did something sorta crazy. i went to lan kwai fong.

the pics explain everything. it was SOOO crowded we didnt even bother to TRY to go into a bar to get a drink. it was SO hard to move around. this is my first time spending new years eve in LKF and will probably be my last time. NOTHING was going on. just A LOT of drunk ppl. that's it. kinda boring lol but at least i could say i did it LOL i mean it was so boring that regular white ppl were treated like famous ppl. random asians kept asking them to take pictures with them lol

i am however very impressed by how organized hk was on that day. extremely organized and in control. once you exit out of the MTR, they already had barricades (thanks dancetygerdance & halocon) that direct you where to go. the short crossing-the-street trip to LKF turned into a long line that loops down the block and back on the opposite block... it's kinda hard to explain... basically there was a queue to get into LKF. sorta felt like we were waiting in line to get into a club lol

do you think there's such a thing as a FOOD TOUR? i think if they do exist, it would be just like my trips in thailand and hk...

to be continue in the next entry... yes, i totally copied the idea of splitting my one long entry of my trip to a few small ones from dancetygerdance lol

next entry will be friend's only, promise lol
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