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number games

i like these kind of games lol similar names, different questions.

1. eric
2. jen
3. heather
4. kevin
5. frank
6. ken
7. carlos
8. laura
9. nicky
10. calvin
11. greg
12. lydia

Q: Have you ever kissed number 1?
A: every time we meet LOL

Q: What's the best memory you have of 9?
A: bowling times

Q: When's the next time you're gonna see 4?
A: i dunno, you tell me :P

Q: Is number 8 pretty?
A. just because all the guys seem to like her... that means nothing :P jk

Q: What was your first impression of number 10?
A. seriously, i had no first impression of him

Q: How did you meet 3?
A: through a mutual friend

Q: Have you seen 5 in the last month?
A: yes last weekend

Q: Do you think 12 has a crush on you?
A: ahaha i dunno, do you? hehe

Q: Have you ever been to 1's house?
A: almost every week lol

Q: Would you ever kiss 6?
A: sorry lol "friends are not opposite sex" right? lol

Q: Have you ever been in a fight with number 11?
A: naw. we never agrued. and if you're talking about fight fight...i wouldnt even try to LOL he wouldnt hit me but if i was really in a fight with him, i wouldnt win haha

Q: Have you ever been to the movies with 4?
A: more than i could remember, and he hardly even go to the movies!

Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble with 2?
A: no, altho i can imagine all the trouble we could cause haha

Q: What do you and number 3 talk about the most?
A: just life in general. what's going on. there isnt really one specific ones we talk about a lot lol

Q: Would you give number 5 a hug?
A: we dont touch HAHAH but if he needs one, sure

Q: Are you in love with number 12?
A: so first you ask if she has a crush on me and now you asks if i love her LOL do you like some girl on girl action or something? lol but anyway, dont tell her but i've loved her for a long time LOL er, dont tell eric either! lol jk

Q: When's the next time you'll see 10?
A: coming saturday.

Q: When have you lied to number 6?
A: i actually dont lie often. seriously. and especially not to ken. there's really no need to haha

Q: Do you know a secret about number 8?
A: yes, dont tell anyone tho, but she really likes andy lau. shh!

Q: Describe the relationship between number 9 and number 5.
A: i had to cheat on this one and asked LOL they met through me but dont really talk or know each other

Q: What is the best thing about your friendship with number 2?
A: she's my therapist :) and totally understanding

Q: What is the worst thing about number 1?
A: he doesnt dance :X but it's ok :P i like you the way you are haha

Q: Have you ever danced with number 7?
A: yes lol

Q: When was the last time you saw 3?
A: last saturday

Q: How long have you known number 11?
A: i'm not sure. it's a little fuzzy. i mean we know of each other but dont really talk till after college ish.

Q: Does number 9 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: yes, number 3 lol

Q: Have you ever been a co-worker with number 6?
A: nope

Q: Have you ever wanted to punch number 2 in the face?
A: ahaha i'm not violent. but no i never did and dont want to hurt her in any way

Q: Has number 1 ever met your mother?
A: a number of times

Q: Did you ever accidentally physically hurt number 4?
A: not that i know of? i remember scratching his rims tho LOL sorry!

Q: Do you live close to 7?
A: yes, very close. in fact, i think out of all of them, he's the closest.

Q: What is 2's favorite food?
A: she loves all good food. it's hard for me to pint point what she likes the best. what do you like the best?

Q: Out of your top 12 which one would you say is the funniest?
A: it's hard to say. jen and ken always make me laugh. (and they rhyme!)

Q: Who is the most outgoing?
A: i say carlos

Q: Are you really close to 3?
A: she's one of my closest friends

Q: Say something nice about number 11.
A: he's a good friend that sticks by you and have your back if you need him

Q: Which one lives the farthest away?
A: jen, alameda. well... it depends... greg lives in sj sometimes... so... lol

Q: Which one do you hang out with the most?
A: eric

Q: Who is the loudest?
A: i am! hehe

Q. How did you meet number 7?
A: high school. i think through amy. possibly

Q: What kind of car does number 10 have?
A: some accord (i think... or was it a civic?) and some porche

Q: Have you traveled anywhere with number 8?
A: yes, las vegas 2005. andy lau~!

Q: Does number 12 have any siblings?
A: yes, she has two sisters.
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