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in the process of waiting for lj to start up again... i wrote a few entries LOL. first one.

We're [livejournal] still working on getting the Green cluster back into service, after the need for emergency maintenance. Users on this cluster will be unable to log in, post comments, view their entries, or view their friends pages until the problem is resolved.

i guess i am on the "green cluster" because i cant get on right now. i'm just updating in my notepad so when i can get on again, i can just copy and paste. wow i'm good hehehe well anyways, this afternoon as i stood in front of the muni going to work... i looked at the driver cleaning his windows... standing up. he was indeed out of his seat and whipping everything... looks like he had his windows open while he used his whippers and everything inside got wet hehehe so we were under the tunnel and he started to stand up and whip stuff. i then realized this light saying "auto mode" and we can figure why he was able to do that while "driving" the damn bus.

looking at him wasnt very amuzing, so i looked out to what he ususally sees when he drives in the tunnel. it's a scary sight if you've seen it before... it's dark but not dark enough so you cant see. just some little dim lights so you can see enough. scary. i'm thinking ,what if you saw a ghost walk by or something while you were driving the thing late at night? they do run till very late you know... like 130. yeah, the ghost stories talking last night still lingered in my mind since i just woke up not long ago at that time hahahah

but anyways, think about it... some stupid kid might wanted to walk in the tracks you know... i mean where do you think those graffitis come from? and those trains do run on automatic... they dunno when to stop... maybe the drivers could stop if they wanted to.. but what if they were being stupid like my driver and didnt see the kid while he was whipping his windows with his back facing the front? or eating a sandwich and happened to drop a napkin and blah blah. hehe i've seen drivers do a lot of things. like read a newspaper and stuff. whoo...

all i'm saying is, i dont think i should look through the driver's view anymore when i'm in the tunnel hehehe


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