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i ordered a set of wine glasses for eric's bro's wedding gift. for some weird reason, i thought i asked for gift wrapping but it's not gift wrapped. and the receipt doesnt say so either... so whatever. today i went to the packaging store to see if they have a box that fits the glasses.

i bought a box, a bow, a card, these small silver and white paper to pack with the glasses and wrapping paper that is charge by ft. while one guy is ringing me up, another guy is packing my things. and as i walked back to work, i looked at the receipt and noticed they didnt charge me for my wrapping paper. i felt kinda bad to walk out the store with it for free esp. how nice the guy was. not to mention, it's bad karma. but by then i was already half way back to work.

so i called the store when i got back to work and told them they didnt charge me for one item. it feels kinda weird to do that but hey i'm being nice! and i dont mind if they charge my card again as long as i dont have to walk back. the guy's like "oh we appreciate the call but it's ok. dont worry about it" i'm sure once he hung up he's like "wth why she call?" lol but anyway, i get free wrapping paper! yay! and i dont get bad karma hahah (the free wrapping paper could be from good karma :)

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