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one of those things

decided that since i havent done it in a while and i saw it on m5's heather's site... why not do it now... at 3 in the morning =) btw runaway jury was good. i likie

spell your first name backwards - azile
the story behind your lj username - angle rose
are you a lesbian - uh... no
where do you live - you're gonna stalk me!! so here it is, san francisco
underwear - ok??
shoes - i dont wear shoes...
handbag - whichever that fit my mood at the time
favorite top - anything red i have hehehe
cologne/perfume - it if smells good. i wear "long ago"
cd in stereo right now - songs about jane - m5
tattoos - i have one on my back, right on top of my scar. jk
piercings - none, i rather have a tattoo than piercings
what you are wearing now - my working close
hair - down... i need to shower hehe
makeup - none, i think last time i wore it was to denys' party??

who or what (was/is/are)
in my head - heather because i got this off her lol
wishing - i wish for a lot of things
after this - shower! sleep! :D
talking to - sorta talking to martin
eating - i feel like a drink of water (i'm so off topic lol)
if you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason - i dont wanna kill anyone
person you wish you could see right now - smiles.
is next to you - to my right is my window and to my left is my tv...?
some of your favorite movies - i'm not gonna bother LOL
something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - MAROON5
the last thing you ate - curly fries
something that you are deathly afraid of - knives... anything sharp. the dark. my imagination.
do you like candles - yes
do you like hugs - who doesnt? hehe
do you like the taste of blood - ew. no.
do you believe in love - yes
do you believe in soulmates - yep
do you believe in love at first sight - lust at first sight?
do you believe in heaven - yes
do you believe in forgiveness - yes
what do you want done with your body when you die - not sure yet... i'll tell you when i get older... you know... near my dying ages
who is your worst enemy - laziness hahahaha
if you could have any animal for a pet what would it be? - tiger, very loyal tiger
what's the latest you've ever stayed up - that time when i didnt sleep...
ever been to belgium - where? lol jk
can you eat with chopsticks - every fricking day
what's your favorite coin - the gold coin, heather
what are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to - i dunno, i'll get back to you when i've traveled aroudn the world :D
what are some of your favorite pig out foods - depends on my mood hahah really
what's something that you wish people would understand - me
what's something you wish you could understand better - boys <-- agree
anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time - martin, my fiance. carlos.

i am happy
Tags: time waster

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