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myspace rant

i just want to rant a bit about myspace.

for those of you who dont know, i monitor the michael bolton myspace. yes that means if you request him as a friend on myspace, it is me who approves you. and i approve everyone lol

and boy this guy gets like 7 PAGES of friends requests over the fricking weekend...

anyway... i approve anyone who doesnt have a picture that is NC-17. meaning i get spammers without knowing until it's too late. then before i know it, Michael Bolton's myspace has 10 comments of the same FRICKING THING. good thing i have the html feature turned off so you dont see any slut/porn pics... but i still have to delete these spammers to make the myspace look nice.

in order to stop the spammers, i have to take them off his friend's list. now here's the thing... everyone that has myspace knows that the friend's list is NOT in alphabetical order but in fact it's in order of when they signed up on myspace..... I DONT KNOW WHY. it's SO F-ING DUMB bc in order to delete one person, i have to go through EVERY page to find him.

and with a friend's list of over 6000 it is NO FUN. whaaat the frick.

then another thing, what's up with all those icons that says "this profile no longer exists" when you edit your friend's list? if they dont exist, just take them off! why does the user have to manually do it?!

IT'S SO DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i'm done

i guess i shouldnt complain... since one of my job duties is to go on myspace HAHAHA
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