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for the ones who dunno, i got myself a new 2007 honda fit sport yesterday (silver)! YAY! as in MY car. not sharing it with anyone. it took me 2 - 3 months to find one and 10 business days for it to arrive! YAY!

it's so funny. i was looking for one before i went to thailand/hk. and in my few days in thailand... seeing the fit was like civics over here... and yaris' like integras. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. i guess it's convinent since the roads are narrow over there.

sorta taunting me tho LoL i kinda gave up because it was sold out everywhere but then eric and his bro jumped on it and started calling every dealer and harassing the ones that are at msrp. so one of the dealers they harassed said they are getting a silver one in 10 days and yes. it was sold to me before it even arrived hhaha

thanks, you guys! ♥
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