hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

indecent proposal

have you ever seen indecent proposal?

i havent seen it but my coworkers were talking about it. it's supposedly about this really rich guy who asked the wife of a happily married couple to sleep with him for one night... for one million dollars. i think the couple needed money? anyway, i asked them what happened, they wouldnt tell me and said i have to watch

but they kept asking me all these questions...

1. would you marry a guy/girl (from overseas) for AT LEAST 3 years for a million dollars? no physical involved but you will have to sleep in the same room. you dont know how he/she will look like, never met the person

2. would you have sex with a guy for one night for a million dollars if you were married?

3. would you let your Significant Other sleep with a rich person for a million dollars?

i'm curious to what others would say

i would really have to think about it for all of the above questions but my coworker asked me one that i gave in on... one million dollars for EVERY year you're married to the person. haha sorry. that's at least 3 million dollars.

everyone has their price.
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