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the weekend. useless info

so i went snowboarding over the weekend. first time at squaw valley. it's a good place. i like it there. lots of runs and easy. but it was fricking raining when i got there and snowing when you're up in the hills. so it wasnt fun putting the gear on and not really peachy when you're snowboarding bc snow hurts when it's blasting in your face (even with goggles and ski mask on).

now i've snowboarded when it was snowing before but not in that kind of condition. it was pretty hardcore. i'm so glad i have a ski mask. one of the first things eric said when we got off the lift was "my next investment: ski mask." i think everyone felt the same. before we drove up, the site said there were 11 inches of new snow. MY FRICKING GOD. i never knew snowboarding in powdery snow can be SO hard. it makes me fall so much! i'm no pro but i dont usually fall THIS much! i bet it's harder to learn snowboarding or skiing on it. but since the snow was soft, falling wasnt that horrible. even when i fell face flat when speeding down the hill (and i slid down a few ft or two right after i fell too LOL) it was ok. i thought that was a funny fall too. i laughed lol watching ppl fall was funny too. haha sorry. i saw a few face flat falls and tumbles here and there.

and the snow was waaaay deep too. getting stuck in them was no fun. even with the board off lol at one time, i tried to turn myself so i can get back up and half my snowboard got stuck in the snow. it was really funny actually haha i couldnt move. thank god cary was there to pull the board out for me.

i'm glad it didnt snow while we were heading up there and not too hard or long when we were heading back. we got lucky. while we were driving back, we saw all these snow that wasnt there going to reno. so i can imagined it snowed a lot overnight. getting snowed in = not fun. driving in a blizzard = horror movie scary (even with many cars around) lol i think eric was traumatized from last time

the only thing i learned from going to reno this weekend is to not gamble with greg... ESPECIALLY with eric NOT around LOL i think greg and i influence each other in a bad way when we gamble. hahaha and i think we both need someone to watch/stop us LOL.


i've wrote once i like myspace bc of all the surveys ppl post. well... dancetygerdance went on some survey spree and i just had to do it. yes i HAD to lol and also bc i dont need to work tomorrow and have no plans... so i dont feel bad doing this at this time of the day! haha heather (m5) is also really good at posting surveys up on myspace, except she posts one at a time and not do them all at once haha


1. Cheated on someone?: naw, it's against my morals
2. Fallen off the bed?: i dont remember but given my clumsy childhood and the fact i've slept on bunk beds for a long while... i'm sure i did, even when i'm awake!
3. Broken someone's heart?: i'm a heartbreaker hahah
4. Had your heart broken?: yes but hey, how can you appreciate love if your heart was never broken? :P this sounds like it should be apart of a song if it isnt already lol
5. Had a dream come true?: yes. i've had a number of my dreams come true. i swear i'm semi-psychic
6. Done something you regret?: you know, dudum7 once told me that "a ton of regrets never made an ounce of difference." :]


1. Wearing?: pjs :]
2. Like anyone?: "like" would be an understatement :P ♥
3. Have any piercings?: technically no since i cant use them anymore
4. Drive?: ever since i gotten my car, that's all i wanted to do. "sure! let's go! can i drive?" "i'll drive you!" i wanna "break them in" haha
5. Tattoos?: nope! thought about it but never knew what i wanted


1. Hugged?: eric :]
2. Kissed?: these questions tend to get boring bc the answer's pretty obvious sometimes haha
3. IMed?: ken. and it was about scaring off goblins with pizza and nunchucks in my fit LOL and these are one of the more normal conversations we have together
4. Talked on the phone to? hmmm that was ken too. IM was afterwards
5. Yelled at?: :X i dont yell, i'm just chinese, i'm loud LOL i always say that when my manager asks me jokingly why i'm yelling at her (when i'm really not)


1. What do you/did you want to be when you finish(ed) school?:
i wanted to tour with Maroon 5. but i know that's literally a DREAM job. never will happen. my REALISTIC job was a job that would pay me to travel around the world. i guess i went with the next best thing and kinda got both :D

2. What has been the best day of your life?:
now that's hard to label. i agree that there are no such things as a best day of my life but i had a number of REALLY AWESOME days lol

3. What comes first in your life?:
my loved ones.

4. What are you most scared of?:
losing a loved one (makes sense no? esp if you put take the answer above in as a factor lol)

5. What do you usually think about before you go to bed?:
how to take over the world haha i mean, dude it differs depending on the day. does someone really think about the same exact thing EVERY NIGHT? hmmm i guess it's possible...?

6. Did you lose someone you really loved?:

7. Love your family?:
of course. i give my sympathy to the ones who dont.


1. Movie: Does anyone really have just one favorite movie? <- agree

2. Song: See above. Apply it to music. <-- haha

3. Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate chips cookie dough. whew, say that three times fast

4. Fruit: i dont have a favorite fruit. i like a lot of them

5. Candy: i like all candies ahahah i have such a BIG sweet tooth

6. Day of the Week: saturday. pretty obvious to why

7. Color: all warm colors. red, orange, yellow. i like neutral colors too such as white, black, gray and brown


1. Like to give hugs? i DO but i dont give them often. is that weird?
2. Like to walk in the rain? I HATE THE RAIN with a passion. light rain is tolerable
3. Prefer black or blue pens? blue. i dont like using black pens haha dont know why
4. Like to travel? most people do, i think even some ppl who are afraid to fly like to travel.
5. Sleep on your side? This is kind of hard to answer as I'm not aware of my positioning when I sleep <-- haha i usually have an easier time falling asleep when i'm on my back. i have trouble falling asleep fast. but i dunno what position i am in while i'm sleeping since i tend to wake up in positions that are not on my back
6. Have a goldfish? my house has a fish. but it's not mine and it's not a goldfish
7. Ever have the falling dream? once that i could remember. great, now i might get one tonight bc of this haha


1. Pierced nose or tongue? none. i dont like piercings
2. MTV or BET? i dont care lol
3. 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek? i used to watch dawson's creek but never 7th heaven
4. Sugar or salt? depending on the food, yo. like i would like to add sugar on my peanut butter sandwich, not salt but i wouldnt want to add sugar to my watermelon, i would want to add salt lol (this is true)
5. Silver or gold? This depends, but most likely silver. <-- ditto
6. Chocolate or flowers? depends on the occasion, any is nice, i am not picky
7. Color or Black-and-white photos? depends on the pic <- yep
8. M&Ms or Skittles? mmmm both lol
9. Stay up late or sleep in? Doesn't one of these rely on the other? I say let's do both! <- i like! i was just talking about this today haha
10. Hot or cold? i rather be hot than cold. this is true for all angles lol
11. Ketchup or mustard? both but ketchup most of the time
12. Spring or Fall? i like them both
13. Happy or sad? What kind of idiot would want to be sad all the time? <-- right on
14. Wonder or amazement? Again, the two go hand in hand methinks. Want to test this theory? Go to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. <-- what does that mean?
15. Mexican or italian food? i like italian more. mexican has too many onions involved lol
16. O.C. or Laguna Beach? i've never been to both nor do i watch the shows
17. this survey or something else? well i do them all haha

so far in 07...

1. Have you had a gf/bf?:
yes, have

2. Have you had your birthday?:
not for a while

3. Been to church? :
nope, temple yes

4. Cried yet?:
why do you wanna bring up bad memories?!

5. Had someone close to you pass away?:
no *knock on wood* and THANK god.

6. Pulled an all nighter?:
naw way, i'm getting old, cant handle that anymore LOL

7. Drank starbucks?:
I dont recall i had one yet. but i was in one today

8. Gone shopping?:
if no one has gone shopping within a month, i give them props. i mean with internet these days, it's hard not to! even if it's not for yourself, you still gotta go for friends or whatnot

9. Gone to the movies?:
yes i saw nana 2!!!!!!! first movie of the year! whoo hoo!

10. Been to the beach?:
not yet :P but i am going to eat at beach chalet next week HAHA will that count?

11. Bought something for over $200?:
yes but it wasnt for me LOL

12. Met someone new?:

13. Been out of your home state?:
yes, reno hahah!

15. Gone snowboarding?:
funny you should ask...

1. Kissed someone?:
did you noticed this is the start of another essay but with the same topic?

2. Slept in a friend's bed:
not a friend's bed. boyfriend, yes

3. Snuck someone over?
i dont need to sneak ppl over my house.

4. Snuck out of your own house?:
i dont need to sneak out of my house either lol

5. Been in a bar?:

6. Lied?:
jokingly count? :P

7. Gotten a car?

8. Gone over your cell phone bill?
i dont know... i dont pay for it. but i wasnt told anything so i guess no?

9. Drove somewhere?:
i drive somewhere almost everyday now

10. Done something you regret?:
i've answered this one haha


Things you bought lately?:
a new phone. yes again

Person to call you?:
uh? this is like an incomplete sentence. do you mean "what does it take for a person to call you?" i say to pick up a phone and dial my numbers hehehe

Last time you took a bubble bath?:
last year......?

When was the last time you felt stupid?:
friday. THANKS! shesh

When was the last time you walked/ran over a mile?:
approximately how far is a mile? :/

Who was the last person who saw you cry?:

Who was the last person who made you cry?:
i dont kiss and tell! oh wait, that's not what you asked

Who was the last person you watched a movie with?
if it was in the theater, than eric (whoa! surprise!) if it was a dvd, my sister

Who was the last person you danced with?:
playfully, if you can call it dancing, it'll probably be eric. for a short real playfully dancing (haha yes i know) it's probably marc. if it's like clubbing, then i cant remember o__O

Who did you last yell at?:
Why am I seeing this question again? <-- haha i guess ppl want to know

Who last told you they loved you?
those words dont come out so freely in the asian community :P

Who makes you smile most?
take a wild guess

What are you listening to right now?:
what goes around... comes around by justin timberlake

What did you do yesterday?:
technically sunday was yesterday but saturday feels like my yesterday... so saturday i went up to lake tahoe and snowboarded. then reno and gambled

Have you ever been in a mosh-pit?:
i am not sure what a mosh-pit feels like lol

Hugs or kisses?:
Both, please! <-- yep!
1. are you crushing on anybody?
this is a very common question that gets asked in these kind of surveys

2. do you think they know?
of course! i'm pretty obvious about my feelings haha

3. what's the second letter of their first name?
r, you will never guess

4. do you think anyone's crushing on you?
ask around and get a poll. then let me know

5. do you have a "valentine" yet for this year?
i'm a little tired of typing out his name LOL jk

6. are you going to hand out valentines?
maybe just hand out candies... or not...

7. will you marry me?
i'm not sure my bf would like that

8. would you ever date somebody you met online?

9. have you ever kissed in the rain?
i kissed in the snow haha!

10. if somebody liked you, how should they tell you?
drop obvious hits occasionally. such as do overly nice things LOLOLOLOLOL too straight forward too fast will turn me off LOL

11. what color do you like more, pink or red?
Red. i'm not really a pink person. i'll wear it but if i had to choose, it's red. i like red

12. which internet heart do you like better, <3 or x3?
didnt know x3 is a heart? i always thought it meant times three? hahaha i like ♥ the best :P

13. what's your sexual orrientation?
sorry girls, i'm straight

14. have you ever had your heart broken?
why do i feel a sudden deja vu?

15. have you ever broken somebody else's heart?
WHOA twice in a row lol

16. do you want a valentine?
i have no choice LOL jk!

18. if you could have any guy in the world right now, who would it be?
hey i noticed they missed #17!

19. has anyone ever gave you a stuffed animal on valentine's day?
i dont recall. shit, my memory is totally failing on me

20. is valentines day your favorite holiday?
It's not even a holiday. DAMN YOU, HALLMARK! <-- haha! it isnt a holiday. lol

those were all from dancetygerdance. yep, ALL OF THEM lol this one is from heather (m5)

Last night, I slept: in a hotel bed. i cant tell if my neck hurts from sleeping in that or bc of snowboarding

2006 was: last year :P

My Grandma was born in: hong kong or china

I could eat: nothing... the buffets worn me out

I won't marry: a female. <-- true that

I am not at all attracted to: rude ppl

If I had to move outta state, I'd go: travel the world until i find somewhere i like to live in more than san francisco

I wish I hadn't: gain weight over the years lol yes that was a little shallow haha

My dad is: sleeping right now

My idea of "sexy" in one word: carlos LOLOLOL

I can currently hear: the computer. shit, that reminds me i have to turn it off... maybe i should just leave it on... no harm in that... i dont want to get out of my bed...

*.*.* Random Q's *.*.*

1. Have you said the "F word"? oh goodness gracious, how can anyone utter such a fowl word?

2. How tall is your best friend? which one?

3. Can you speak another language? yes. 1 fluently. if i can say a few sentences in another language but cant carry a conversation... does that consider speaking? lol

4. What was the name of your first crush?: OH this i remember haha raymond LOL

5. Did this person ever say they loved you? dude, we were like in 1st grade. yes i matured fast lol and i doubt he knew

6. What continent do you most want to see? europe. i have yet to explore it.

7. Name two of the most handsome men ever?: that's hard to say. i'll get back to you on that one

8. What's one song you've listened to today? what goes around... comes around is stuck in my head right now

11. What's your ideal height for the opposite sex? a little taller than me but not TOO tall

12. Do you know anything about your heritage?: a very little (i dont think that's grammatically correct. oh well.)

13. Have you ever played golf? mini golf count or shooting range count?

14. What year did your mom graduate from high school? UHHHH let me calculate that... if you graduate HS at age 18... then it would be 1976... but do HK ppl graduate HS at age 18?

15. Would you like to change your body/looks? who wouldn't? <-- that is true. i dont think anyone is COMPLETELY satisfied with their looks

16. Would you name your kids after someone?: yes, mainly movie/tv characters HAHAH seriously tho. but i pick the names not bc of the character but bc i think the name is nice


Is your hair up? nope

Is your phone right beside you?: literally next to my head (i am lying on the bed)

Do you wish you were somewhere else? not really, i like my bed right now lol

Do you have plans for tonight?: monday night i go to my dad's class

Are you wearing makeup? naw, i'm in my bed

Are you wearing chapstick?: not at the moment

Are you cold?: keeping warm under my blankets. and the laptop on me helps too haha

Are you tired? yes, why am i up doing these surveys?!

Are you excited? i have a number of things to be excited about. snowboarding just passed, that was fun! valentine's day is coming yes i know, but still excited. dude? what to wear? laker's game at the end of the month, my first basketball game live! and to top it off, MAROON 5 in MARCH!!! i'll see you there

Are you wearing pajamas? yes, otherwise i wont be in bed

Who's the last person that called you? if you read this far, then you know the answer


Anything you regret?: same as above answer

Ever stuck gum under a desk? i think i did ONCE. i think... i was desperate!

Ever spit at someone? ew, no. haha this just remind me of rose in titanic. and how she had to spit at the guy so many times to get the scene right.

Ever kick something living? yes, i kicked my brother a number of times when we were younger. i feel bad for my brother. no wonder he's so mean to me now haha

Ever had your nails done? yes, i like to do them when i am traveling. i blame it on my manager for opening that door for me


Had any plans last week? snowboarding?

Who did you see the most last week? coworkers

Was last week interesting? yes, my manager is leaving :(


Have you cussed? let me check my journal about that.. "dear diary, today i cussed. i said ..."

Have you yelled at someone? yes when eric liters!

Have you cried? nope

Have you called more than 3 people?: yes


First thing you did this morning? noticed something and told eric haha

Last thing you ate? tasteless red bean dessert

What's something you look forward to most in the next 6 weeks? i dunno LOL i have a lot of things going on.

What's the last movie you saw? in the theater, nana 2. on tv, moulin rouge

Do you believe in long distance relationships? i did until this couple that i saw got together and thought would be with each other forever (EVERYONE DID) broke up bc of the distance. of course there are always exceptions

Have you been cheated on? not that i know of and dont want to know now if it's in the past

Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now? he's asleep. unless he's dreaming of me HAHA

Choose one to have (love, beauty, creativity): love.

Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?: depends on the shoe but i usually dont

Whose bed did you sleep in last night? silver legacy's

What color shirt are you wearing?: gray

What is the color of your bedsheets? baby blue

What were you doing at 11 last night?: unpacking

Look to your left: it's my un-hanged (if that's a word) big ass frame of my maroon 5 memories

Long or Short Hair? long. and i think of growing it longer... or cutting it HAHAHA no really?

alright... time to sleep >_
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