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funny things: hotels

i wanted to share with you some funny things i've encountered while traveling... two particularly.

1. Cumberland Hotel - London

there is no clock in the hotel room. i dont travel much but i did stay at a number of hotels. this is the only hotel room that did not have a clock. i had to leave the tv on the news channel so i can tell time. esp. how it's overseas so i'm not using my cell nor do i wear a watch.

at first i thought this one thing was the clock but it's not, it was apart of the safe. i thought that was funny. i mean you would THINK that a clock is a given. i mean i dont even expect every hotel room to have an ironing board with an iron or even a blowdryer... but i would always expect a clock! but nope, not this one.

it's almost like staying at a hotel where you have to ask for pillows or something haha and this isnt even a shitty hotel. it's pretty nice!

2. Renaissance - Hollywood, CA

this hotel is funny. there is no vending machine near the elevator. but each room has a frig of food and drinks. you know, that's how they get you. here's the catch, the frig has an LCD screen that tells us we will get charge if we open the frig. but what do i do if i want to store food? so i called to confirm. bc a lot of hotels offer frigs for free. i mean as long as you dont open any of the food/drinks inside, you wont be charge. so i called to confirm and yes, i do get charge just by OPENING the frig. but they offered to deliver a mini-frig to my room... for free LOL
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