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m5 dream.

forgot to mention that today i just found out that jos wanna go to vegas too! YAY!!!!!! it's gonna be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! last night i actually had a dream about m5. go figure. we saw them do sound check, wow surprise! and like after the concert, we went to eat with adam because he was the only one around... and we stopped by a restaurant... and jesse was there, eating with a friend. dreams are so weird... but i'm happy that i saw m5 in it hehe. yes, jonathan, you were there too ;)

if i'm smart than i'll run away... but i'm not so i guess i'll stay. havent you heard? i fell in love with a beautiful stranger. i look into your face, my heart's dancing all over the place. i'll like to change my point of view if i can just forget about you. to know you, is to love you... i look into your eyes and my world came tumbling down...
Tags: dreams

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