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2/21 - pre-oscar party

tomorrow morning i am going down to LA. i will see maroon 5 and hopefully AT LEAST get a glimps of EDWARD NORTON. i will also get to see jos and heather hahahaha!

i'm totally excited!

after talking to my coworker, i finally settled on what outfit to wear.

so now i just have to repack... (bc i packed 4 diff outfits for the occation when i couldnt decide lol) and get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my only concern is what to do if i see edward norton. should i ask for a pic or be professional and dont ask for one since cameras arent allowed in the first place? should i jump him? lol jk

you see. there are pros and cons to doing this for work.

pro = the trip is free
con = i have to act professional. that means best not to do any rule breaking lol

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