hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go


have i told you i believe that everyone has a little bit of ESP (extra special powers lol jk it really stands for extra-sensory perception) in them? they're just not born knowing how to use it. and when they noticed they have something, they ignore it, deny it or/and suppress it bc it's not the norm or acceptable. i mean how do you explain it when you can sense that someone is watching you? or that you pick up positive or negative vibes from ppl? such as who is approachable and who is not and who's in a good mood and who is not? i dont think these things can be explained by science...?

and have you ever dreamed of something that came true? or/and a sudden déjà vu? what about when you know what exactly someone is thinking without them saying a word. is it just that you know them really well or is it really that you are actually telepathic? i mean does it really make sense that you know someone really well to a point you know what they think at a certain time and situation? or is this just something society has put in our brains so we wouldnt think of such a "non-sense" thing like we can read minds... even tho we clearly are.

well, now i'm gonna go practice my powers hahaha
Tags: thoughts
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