hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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pre-oscar party

so the party overall was great. maroon 5 performed a short 6 songs but GREAT show. they played two new songs, "makes me wonder" and "wake up call."

i LOVE both songs!!! all my friends love them. i cant tell if it's bc we're big fans so we're bias or what but THEY ROCK. but to be honest, i didnt really feel "cant stop." it kinda grew on me. for these two, i like them the first time i heard them. so i'm WAY excited about the new album. i can tell it will be GOOD.

i really like "wake up call" even if it's about a double homicide LOL yeah dont ask, i dunno why. but the lyrics goes something along the lines of how he caught his girl and another guy in bed and how they deserved what was coming to them and he wont come back anymore haha

the meet and greet beforehand rocked too. at first it kinda sucked bc two of the winners were late. one never showed up but i'm glad the other one made it. you can tell everyone was in a good mood, esp. fred and shawn (which makes me happy). they were nice enough to let heather, jos, and them come in with us.

while they all chitchated w/each other, i just stood to the side and watched. yep. arent you proud? i didnt try to talk to them lol i didnt want to take their time away from the winners. but guess what? the love of my life, jesse, came up to me and gave me a hug! YAY! and he asked me how i was doing. that made me so happy! that HE came up to ME. anyway, i said and i quote and unquote, "i'm good! now go mingle with the others!" while i shoo him away HAHA i hope he doesnt feel rejected :P mickey did the same too!! arent they a doll?!

anyway the one major downside to that night was that i didnt see edward norton. i'm a little bummed. all the VIPs went on this balcony that's too dark and too high for me to see any faces. but after reading a few articles, he wasnt even there to begin with. but i didnt even see leonardo dicaprio and orlando bloom, who was there.

at first it was kinda boring. it was just this dj and an empty dance floor... ok not empty but maybe with 2 ppl on it lol anyway after a while, one of the winners and her friend went to dance with the couple. then i asked my coworker and another winner who was by herself to let's join them. so we all joined them. before you know it, other winners joined us and so did joslyn, betsy and laila. that's when it picked up. it was so fun bc i havent danced in such a long time. but i felt a little pressured towards the end when we noticed a few maroon 5 members were looking towards our direction (on a closer and smaller balcony above the dance floor) lol at one point i saw jesse pointed at us! o__O to this one girl who looked like his good friend. oh well. i had fun.

oh and they had the best hor d’oeuvres ever!!! really good stuff.

that's it lol
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