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i found this post on the forum, it is BY FAR the best post i have read ever... about an encounter with the guys anyway. read it. it's worth it. it's cute. let me just emphasize on some parts hehe

Hey all you ladies wanting to make babies with Maroon 5... these guys will make great daddies someday!!!

It was a beautiful day out here so I thought, why not take my 4 year old daughter (whos birthday was yesterday) to the Buckeye Bash to meet Maroon 5 and Gavin Degraw???? She sings a bad ass version of Chariot and loves "the monster in your dream song". [she's talking about "Harder to Breathe"] So why not??!

After meeting some fun girls outside in the back area, (HI LADIES!!!) we stood outside the fence and waited to meet the guys after soundcheck.

Gavin came out first and tried to coax her out of my shoulder as I held her. His manager type took many pictures of us laughing as she hid. James tried next telling her "I have a birthday in October too." Yeah that didnt work.

When we talked to Jesse, she pulled her hat over her face and hid. I told him she mentioned while we were drive there that she wanted to play peek-a-boo with Maroon 5. So what does Jesse do??? He throws his hands over his face and tries playing peek-a-boo with her. Cutest moment ever!!! Still, she wouldnt say hi or even show her whole face as we talked. So, as we stood there getting ready to take our picture, she throws her hands on her face and like pulls down her eyes or something odd. It was hard trying to see what she was doing from my angle. So then Jesse decided to pose the same way since she decided to. Best moment ever.

We found Adam and gave him some skeleton gloves we found that I thought were perfect for him. They match his shirt almost perfectly. He was quite thankful since it was chilly out. He tried thanking Krista but yeah... she was so shy around them.

I didnt mean to post a review here. It was just too cute of a story to pass up. We didnt stay for the show because I didnt want to keep her out or up that late.

Everytime I meet these guys, they impress me more. This time tops the cake.


and you wonder why jesse is my favorite and why i love m5 so much.

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