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m5 is gonna premier their new video "makes me wonder" this thursday on TRL. so check it out! altho i am pretty sure the video will be up on youtube in a couple of days after that hahaha so keep an eye out for my entry with that video! whoo hoo!

after listening to this single, i BET you that you will know their new album is gonna rock. which comes out on May 22 btw. it's called it wont be soon before long HAHAHAHA!

i am so promoting lol

anyway, i am at home right now when i should be in my car driving down to LA with joy and jos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO MY BOSS. the worse part was that i requested Monday off a week or so ago and they ok-ed it! but NOOOOOO rolling stones have to release their tour dates last week and yes we have to go on sale THIS MONDAY. according to my manager, my boss feels more comfortable with me around when it goes on sale. ahhh!!!! what the hell!!! you think it makes me feel better when you try to make it sound like i'm important?!?! shesh. they will do fine without me!!![/rant]


well at least i still get to see m5 on tuesday. :] but it still makes me sad thinking about my ruined plan *cry*cry* :(

haha another bipolar entry for you.
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