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m5 last tuesday

i'm taking a break from work. whew.

anyway... even tho i was unable to road trip with my girls to LA... (meaning my trip was cut in half!) i still had so much fun, it was the best in the end.

just being with the girls in general is AWESOME. i'm glad to meet the utah girls. they're wild haha

the nissan live set was great. one of my top five experiences with m5.

i felt like i was a part of the making of a music video haha bc they would replay a song to get some other shots/footage. then replay parts of another song. it's so awesome to see them do that bc they cut right into the part of the song the camera needs and it sounds just like i fast forwarded the song and pressed play to it. IT SOUNDS THE SAME. they played 8 songs total. 3 new songs: 2 i already heard and 1 new one i didnt. it's slow and kara's flower like. the other 5 are just from saj. they played "makes me wonder" twice. :P

there were some q&a in between some songs. they picked my question for the q&a but my manager said it wouldnt look good if i went up (since i'm staff) so i gave my question to heather. i think heather loves me even more now bc of that haha

when she went up, adam sarcastically said "hmmmm... who are you?"
"hi, my name is heather"

hahaha then he said something along the lines of how heather is their unofficial princess. that was SO cool. and when heather was getting off the stage, adam called to her and said "heather, we love you" LOL HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

the funniest part was that adam did so well in answering all the questions but when it came to my question, he was stomped. my question was "what was the first thing you bought with the songs about jane paycheck?" i guess it was such a long time ago he forgot LOL he made some shit up like "i bought my friends dinner!"

THEN, some fan asked along the lines of what was the weirdest fan encounter they've experienced and adam said that its always really weird to see a fan with a tattoo of their band. and when they said that, we all pointed to jos and adam looked at jos and said "uh... oh..." then looked up and said. "i mean... in europe..." LOL it was really funny. and then he just talked to jos how he appreciate it and glad she used the logo and not just the band name.

lastly, a fan asked what was the weirdest gift they ever received from a fan. and while adam said that he remembered a while ago they kept getting elmos as presents, he kept giving us the evil eye. and i'm thinking "why is he looking at me like that?" THEN he pointed at all the ppl in our group and said "i know it's one of you guy's ideas! what was that all about?" and we all looked so confused LOL jos was like "that was not a moslz thing." he then pointed at heather and said "heather! i know you know!"

now the story behind the elmo gift is actually funny LOL heather was like it's not my idea! but she told the story lol apparently it was a fan (who is no longer a fan btw) who mistakenly heard a line from their cover of "closer." instead of "i want to fuck you like an animal" she heard, "i want to fuck you like an elmo" LOLOL and adam said "for someone who's not involved you sure know a lot" lol

afterwards, the nissan staff asked jos and heather to stay put bc they wanted to interview them. it was great.

even tho i wasnt as in the spotlight as say heather or jos, it felt good to be apart of it. i felt like our loyalty has paid off lol i mean we never regret spending so much time, effort and money going to see them in different cities and stuff. but this gave us another reason why it's totally worth it. granted we know they know us but now everyone knows they know us, which is a nice feeling. LOL

afterwards, we had a sing-a-long in the shuttle back to the parking lot. i think the driver wanted to kill us, he drove so fast lol

i cant wait for them to tour again. this reminded me how much fun it is!


check out their new music video here :D
it's their new single called "makes me wonder"

i HATE to say this but um... HELLO ADAM. he made security check look fun LOL

hmm.... i need a m5 icon that has matt in it.
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