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calling at&t

i think after a certain age... the females in my family automatically get upgraded to my aunts' secretary. i have a funny suspicion that all my older female cousins had to do the same... altho never mentioned. it's some kind of secret society.

anyway, this is just for my dad's side. my dad is from a family of 9. he has 5 sisters. 2 out of the 5 like to call me for help when it comes to anything regarding speaking english. 1 aunt who is married into the family also like to do the same. majority of the time, i dont mind. i guess that could be another reason why they call me.

going into my point of all this, today i got a call from my aunt saying how she needs internet for her house bc her son (my cousin) needs to get online for hw. i partially believe that my 12 yr old cousin used hw as an excuse to get online but WHO KNOWS. MAYBE now-a-day the internet is an important assess for hw. what do i know? computers JUST started to get popular when i was his age.

so i called at&t (cheap DSL btw) to ask for the diff between all the DSL packages and dial in my aunt's home number when prompted. to my surprised, a mandarin speaking representative picked up. it was quite amusing on my end. my aunt must've called before and they noted that she speaks mandarin and not a drop of english. (she speaks cantonese too but most comfortable with mandarin).

being totally unprepared to speak mandarin, and unfortunately my mandarin speaking class did not boost up my self-esteem (yet)... i busted out with some chinglish (cantonese & english) instead. yes, not mandarin, not cantonese, not english but chinglish LoL instantly, the rep said in perfect english "let me transfer you to a cantonese rep." i cut her short and said, "i need someone who speaks english." she then said to me again in perfect english, "let me transfer you to an english rep then"

i love how efficient and bilingual at&t is! haha (i guess a big part to why i'm so surprised could be bc of the indian speaking reps i get when i call united!)

altho i wonder why this rep couldnt help me instead? lol maybe she DOESNT speak english as well as i thought?

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