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at&t continue...

so i was supposed to call at&t today to order dsl for my aunt. but i got a little busy at work and totally forgot until my aunt called me while i'm getting off work.

i thought, "crap, i totally forgot" but to my surprise my aunt said "at&t called me! the rep spoke mandarin! she talked to me about dsl!" (it's all in exclamation marks bc i feel like that's how my aunt speaks when she talks) o___O WOW. i called them the day before asking the diff between the dsl packages and they call the next day when they noticed we didnt place any dsl orders for that phone line... within 24 hours.

at&t's cust serv totally exceeded anything i've experienced yet and it's not even for me! lol

anyway, without my help, my aunt ordered it hahah


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Apr. 4th, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
hahah that story is so cute
Apr. 5th, 2007 08:29 am (UTC)
This is one part of business, making something that is actually helpful to the company seem like they did it "just for you" or for "the general good". In this case, calling the potential customer is INFINITELY beneficial to their business if the customer signs up, yet it is perceived as good customer service when they call RIGHT BACK. Lets see how prompt they are when you need your DSL fixed AFTER you sign up? (Sorry to burst your bubble, but I've heard horror stories about SBC's customer service, and AT&T IS SBC in disguise.)

Another example is how apple made their packaging of their products much smaller sometime last year (maybe it was earlier...) to help contribute to saving the environment and such, but in fact this is beneficial to the company because they spend LESS MONEY ON SHIPPING!!

At the hotel I used to work at, we used to offer free in room DSL, but you needed a ethernet cable to plug in your laptop. A repeat guest came and during check in asked for a DSL cable, to which my ex coworker said "I just lent out the last one".

This is what I would do in the same situation:

We are sorry sir, but we currently do not have any on hand, however, I would be happy to credit your room $5 if you would like to go 2 blocks down to the nearby radioshack and buy one. Then, when you are done with it, just return it like normal!

Small gestures like these quite often impress the guests of the quality of service - and I don't have to leave the desk and now we will have one more ethernet cable for next time. Now you may think we lost $5 but this is $5 my manager would of spent ANYWAY getting more ethernet cables as demand for them increases (summer is coming up, afterall). Even if the $5 was a complete loss, its totally worth it if it increases the odds that the guest will come back next time to stay at the hotel.
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