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some company have been trying to get us to order office supplies from them but we just ignored them. the other day, they sent us this.

needless to say, we had a lot of fun putting it together and reading the "posts" lol

click on any of the stuff to enlarge

here's an upclose of the board behind him

we're still not gonna order from them tho lol


i really adore mika, she's just so pretty! i bought her newest album "yes" cd + dvd a few weeks ago. anyway, i like her songs but the main reason why i got her cd was bc i read the lyrics to "joy" (one of the songs that is completely in english on this album) and it's really nice lyrics. so that song motivated me in getting the cd. yes i know. but i figured i dont mind watching her music videos and i like most of her songs. so why not?

i'm so disappointed. the song is nice but boy, her english really sucks. it ruined the song. oh well. lol


there's one more thing i wanna post but i dont remember...

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