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my memory is getting worse.

so... i frequent this forum... and recently i've been catching myself reading threads i thought i havent read but have. it's a really weird experience actually. i'll see someone commented on this say thread... and i go in and read it... and while i'm forming a response in my head, i come across a reply i posted half a year or so ago. and i'm like, "wtf? i dont remember reading this thread. i responded?" it's funny tho bc the same response i was forming in my head was actually posted by me that N months ago lol. well, at least i'm consistent haha

this has already happened more than once.

just yesterday i was reading a journal entry that was posted yesterday. the writer asked everyone who read the whole entry to reply so he knows ppl have been reading it... so i click into the comments and read through them before i commented.... then i see my reply..... uh........ what the? after reading more comments, i realized this is an old entry he moved up.

what.. the... WHY DONT I REMEMBER?! AND i even responded!

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