hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

by request

dudum7 requested me to update bc she wanted to read something haha so i'm gonna update... altho i am not sure what to write about? hmmmm.... well i asked heather to give me a topic to write about. she told me, "since it's prom season, write about prom"

so here goes!

yesterday my sister was talking to her friend about prom. at the moment i forgot what they were saying or why it was brought up. but i remember thinking 'oh my, her senior prom is next year.' as i always say, time sure flies.

i hope lots of guys asked her out :)

unlike me, i didnt go to prom with anyone special. i went to prom with my best friend (girl) at the time. we both went stag. we even took the pictures together haha then later we noticed a number of our friends came stag. so we all danced together the whole night. it was really fun!

but you know, its not like it mattered if we went with someone or not. it was all about having fun and that's what we did. i remember how i would ask some friends to go to prom and they refuse to bc they dont have a date.

seriously, what's the big deal.

they ended up going to prom with some guy i KNOW they would never with. i rather go by myself than go with someone i dont wanna go with.

so maybe i should tell my sis that lol but it's still nice to be asked to go :)

i wish i went to more school dances. i only went to the senior prom. i like to dress up and dance :P i guess that might've explained my whole clubbing phase haha maybe i'll upgrade myself and go to BALLS. i think it would be REALLY FUN to go to a masquerade tho hehe i wonder if they happen often in the city?

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