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cherry blossom festival

last sunday i participated in the cherry blossom parade... cosplaying as kakashi hahaha

it was a lot of fun. i'm really proud of my costume. i cosplayed as kakashi bc i adore him... boy did i not know what i got myself into... apparently i wasnt the only one who loved him. he sure is a popular character. i had so many ppl coming up to me asking to take pics. it was really amazing.

i bumped into a classmate so i was talking to him. he asked to take a pic and before we can take a pic together... i had around 10 ppl asking me to take pics with them LOL

one time i walked away from the others bc they were in the middle of a crowd and i wanted to fix my costume. so i was bending down fixing my costume and when i looked up there was a girl RIGHT in front of me all happy, "HI! can i get a pic?!?!" she totally caught me by surprised but apparently my sister said that her and her friends were circling me a few times LOL i didnt even noticed

i think a reason why we got so many ppl asking us to take pics bc our costume looked good... and we were all a popular character. at one point, we were all chilling at one spot to wait for a show to start and SOOOO many ppl stopped to ask to take pic of us or with us. some didnt even ask and just walked, stopped, took pics, left.

i cant wait to cosplay him again at AOD (that's in aug) lol my sister will cosplay as naruto! so we'll be the complete team 7!! :D

Sasuke, Itachi, Sakura and Kakashi
Itachi is my sister and the other two are her friends
(for the ppl who dont watch naruto, i've linked galleries of each character, just click on their names)

yes, i've uploaded these pics on friendster, myspace and facebook. HAHAHA i know, i have no shame. so sorry if these are redundant.

itachi replaced naruto?! always reading his book this is really funny if you watch naruto being perverted
running away from fan girls peace

some of these pics are funnier if you watched naruto
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