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jen. iwbsbl

i wanted to update something but dunno what to write about so i asked jen to give me a topic and she told me write a poem about her LOL wtf

this is a poem about jen
who must think i'm good with the pen
because i asked for a simple topic
and she asked that i be poetic
anyway... with no further delays...

through a friend, we met online
from then we talked from time to time
first we talked about some halters
she asked which is your fav color?
the next time, we talked about coach
and which one i liked the most
i really like talking to her
our convos had lots of laughter

jen is my personal therapist
who turned me into this poet
i used to get angry at times
she told me, to talk about it, i have to rhyme
she said i'll get tired and stop
or be good at this and be on top

and that's my poem about jen
who somehow became my good friend
and i hope our friendship only gets better
but no, i still wont name my son, elena jennifer

i know i was pushing on some of these words haha oh well. this just shows how much i love to talk bc you give me a topic and i can write an entry on it! haha

p.s. listen to some 30 sec samples of It Won't Be Soon Before Long. there's some i'm kinda "eh" on but after listening to them the second time i cant figure out which one i was "eh" on HAHAH and of course, what can 30 secs tell me about one song?! :P

well now i know how kiwi sorta sounds like.
Tags: music, star

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