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2nd best

i'm gonna brag a bit and "shine" like a sun (as cantonese wound say)

m5 is playing a number of club shows this summer. guess who's getting sent to them? ME!! yep yep. if it wasnt for the fact that i had to attend a seminar with my parents in michigan... i would've went to ALL 6 US CLUB DATES!

WHY? WHY must the seminar be during the times of two club dates? goodbye New York and Miami... i would've had fun meeting up with martin and jimmy. boo hoo oh well, at least i'm meeting up with M :D i havent seen that dude in like 7 yrs

here's my stalker's guide:

May 29 & 30 - Boston
June 1 - SF show!
June 2 - LA
June 6 & 7 - Minneapolis
June 8 - 12 - Michigan (non-m5 related :()

i know you're jealous hahaha i love to travel. so even when it's not for m5. it's still cool to travel for free. but what makes it better is that it is for M5!

have i told you my dream job is to get paid to tour with m5? well what m5 fan doesnt want to right? so i guess i got 2nd best for this summer :)

i was just daydreaming today how jesse falls in love with me and asks me to stay with him for the fall tour HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahAhahah~! in your dreams, eliza. well it was fun daydreaming about it.
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