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panicking fit

yesterday night i met up with frank and ken at gordos. we all drove. haha way to go in being environmental friendly :P

anyway, we decided to head over to dessert and obviously didnt need to take three cars. so while i sat in frank's car, waiting for him to back out... i noticed some guys were checking out my car. one was literally circling it. he was pretty closed. maybe he was checking out my cat :) so i pressed the lock button and made my car beep. the guy moved away haha

then his friend started to do the same (but not as close). and i was SOOO tempted in pressing the panic button. i havent pressed the panic button yet so i dunno how it sounds or how to turn it off lol but before i could make up my mind, frank was driving away so i couldnt do anything in time.

but it would've been so funny if i did LOL

next time.

dude, naruto 3!! give me!!
Tags: funny

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