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i have a pair of shoes that are slightly big for me. it fits but it's one of those shoes that yeah, i might lose one if say... i'm running down some long stairway to make my midnight curfew. ;)

then i thought, wait a min! i would only lose it bc it's a little big. if it fits perfectly, it wont fall off even if i'm doing back flips, cartwheels and a mile long run down the stairs back-to-back. (i dont know how to do those in real life btw lol)

SOOoOoOo say cinderella's glass slippers are a little big for her.... that's the only reason it would fall off right? and if it's slightly big for her, then that means it's not a perfect fit! SOOOO how could the prince know it's her?

ok, ok. i know, i know. she has really small shoe sizes so no other girl in the village could fit them but her. but still hahaha.

and i'm fully aware it's just a fairy tale, so i shouldnt think too hard about this haha i'm just being silly.

this is a good time to use my cinderella icon... if i had one.... :P
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