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nose bleed. trained. furuba

have you ever watched the music video "fairy tale" (translation)? it's a mandarin song. if you have 7 mins to spare, go watch it. it's sorta touching. lol if not, i'll explain why i brought this up below the video.

in the video, *spoilers spoilers* while the singer makes out with the girl, he notices blood all over his mouth and hers. her nose was bleeding, which lead to them seeing a doctor, which ultimately lead to her death lol

i'm sitting here thinking, "dude, nose bleeds are common for me." if it was me, i would also laugh about it but i wouldnt go see the doctor lol but then again, i would've felt it coming before it got messy :P since i could remember, i've always had nose bleeds. i dont get them from falling and hitting my nose. i just get them when the weather's dry. they are as common for me as a kid falling and scraping his/her knees. i get it so often that majority of the time i can tell if i'm gonna have one and when i do have one, without looking, the diff btwn a running nose and a nose bleed.

warning: the below entry might not be sutable for the weak hearted or stomach LOL

my mom told me that the first time i had a nose bleed, given how she never had one before and i'm her first child, she panicked and didnt know what to do. she just grabbed a bowl and let it drip lol i know it's kinda nasty thinking about it now but when she told me, i thought it was funny.

when i used to take the bus often, i tend to fall asleep (my rides are usually 45 mins long). i thought how funny it would be if i was sleeping and i got a nose bleed. what would ppl on the bus think? hHAHA someone who they thought was sleeping is now bleeding from the nose... still asleep... or?!?! but good thing when i get a nose bleed, even tho i'm sleeping, i wake up. imagine how horrible it would be if i dont! wake up to a face full of blood o__O

last summer, it was guaranteed that i get one after my second small beefy jerky bag lol the whole day yesterday, i felt i was gonna get one... and sure enough, i got one last night. it's my second one this week. to me, monday is the start of the week... and yesterday was only weds. i gotta lay off those pita chips and drink more water lol


yesterday my mom asked me to do her a favor and drop off her friend while she had other business to take care of. she told me her friend lives near costco. "wow, downtown?" i asked her. she said, "no south sf" what's weird is that i thought downtown was far but when she said south sf, i thought it wasnt far anymore. honestly i really dont know which one is further but i have no resistant driving to south sf/daly city as opposed to dt lol

maybe after over a year, i'm trained. or maybe it's the traffic.


i switched my theme back to fruit basket. i was re-reading the manga and re-watching the anime. GAH! I LOVE THEM!!! why must the new book out be out in AUG and not TODAY?! why must the anime end so early?!!

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