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i'm so proud of myself. i was rewatching furuba and it was a scene where they were all eating dinner for the first time. tohru cooked. in the subtitles, tohru asked kyo if he liked her cooking. kyo was about to answer but under the stare of yuki... accidently said "i hate it!"

when in fact, in japanese, she asked "mazui desu ka?" and he's like "mazui!" i'm so proud of myself that i actually knew she said "it tastes bad?" and he goes "it taste bad!" hehehhe i know they basically mean the same but i like how i knew the subtitles were a little off :D

then yesterday these japanese ppl came up to me and said "nihonjin?" (japanese?) i wanted to say "no, but i speak a little." too bad i forgot how to say "speak" in japanese... hanashimasu? HAHA "iie, demo nihongo o chotto hanashimasu"? darn, i forgot how to say chinese. chuugokugo?

oh well. lol

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