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i'm not sure if i told you but i love to buy books. i do. if someone tells me that a book is good and it falls in a category that i am interested in, i would buy the book if i see it on sale. it's as simple as that.

and i like to read books too. i enjoy reading. but i have a problem. i have ADD. a lot of my books have bookmarks in them, possibly sitting comfortably somewhere in chapter 3. yes that's the furthest i ever go. lol then i dont pick it up ever again.

i mean did you not read my entry about the harry potter community?! i failed miserably! (not like there was a test...) i never finished the sorcerer's stone! it's like the shortest book. AND dancetygerdance is already finished with all the books! lol (he wrote an entry on it)

the only books i ever finished are mangas. but they dont count bc they're just comics LOL

what's worse is that i'm a collector. i'm born a collector. i esp. like complete sets. so if i have book 1 of some character... i would buy the others too. even if it's a total separate story. like james patterson's alex cross books. they're murder mysteries about the same detective. (you know i love those things). i have at least the first 10 books. a few movies were based off them: along came a spider, kiss the girls, to name a few. they are all different cases per book. basically, it wouldnt matter if i get the whole set or just one book. knowing that, i still buy them and buy them... but i have not read one page of any of them.

i joke how i am saving them for my retirement when i am too old to do anything. but then again, if that's the case, would i be too old to read with my poor vision? (altho i currently have 20/20 haha)

my sister on the other hand is taking advantage of my crazy habit. she's read and finished a lot of the books i have. she doesnt touch the murder mystery ones tho. too bad. but she read all my romantic ones hahah

anyway, i made a decision to finish one book, that was highly recommended, by the end of the year: P.S. I Love You. if i finish this before the end of the year (noticed the "if" LOL), maybe i'll pick up one of the alex cross books. maybe.

mandy said she'll help out by asking me every week what it's about lol and i "better have something" to tell her lol

wish me luck lol

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