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delayed: sfo

after being delayed @ sfo for over 2 5 hrs in the middle of the night, i realized that sfo sucks major ass. at least the older part of it.

their chairs suck a lot. the arm rests are made out of medal, no cushion at all. they are all individual chairs. no connecting ones so you cant lie down unless you're a kid. also, they are laid out in an arc kinda shape so it's hard to work with.

if you lean on the arm rest, it hurts bc it's medal. if you're tiny, it's a little better to get comfortable. if you're big like me, not so easy.

at one point, my bro joked how he'll sleep bending over (like a bridge) over two chairs since that is the most comfortable position.

to top it off, it's freezing cold. the ac is blasting. i dont understand why you would blast the ac in sf?! it's no la!

ok i'm done ranting. just tired and cold

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