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delayed II: missing your flight

i dont think i told you but my flight itinerary to michigan went a little something like this...

june 7 @ 11:59 PM - sf to chicago
june 8 @ ??:?? AM - chicago to michigan
june 8 @ 9:35 AM - arrive to michigan

but as you already know, when we arrived to sfo at 9 pm on june 7, the flight was delayed to 2 am. alright, whatever, we're already there... so what can we do? we waited. at 2 am, we were told that they could not fly as they do not have a crew for this flight....? apparently after a certain hour, the crew gets to go home... and so at 2 am, while we're all waiting in the freezing cold for our flights, the crew is at home... or somewhere... they cannot fly us out until they get a crew... the next available one is at 6 am...

so you guessed it. we took the 6 am flight... and of course, by the time we arrived to chicago, we missed our connecting flight. all flights were overbooked from chicago to michigan. i'm sure most of them were going to the events we're going to... given how when i got there, i noticed the lack of cars and ppl. also bc not many ppl fly to michigan. the planes going to and from were very very small. (on my flight back, michigan to chicago, my head would touch the ceiling of the plane if i tipped toe). also, we were traveling with such a large group (15+ ppl) that we wouldnt be able to get everyone on the plane even if we were stand-bys.

the reason for going to michigan was to attend a ball, convention and seminar. the events are on the nights of june 8, 9 and 10 respectfully. we were told we could try the flights on the next day and arrive late. but by then we've already missed half the things we were going there for. even so, we couldnt get EVERYONE on that flight. so what's the point?

so what did we do? we rented two vans and 1 compact and drove to michigan from chicago. haha it's about a 3 hr drive. i was surprised how fast of a drive it was. thank god for GPS!

it's funny bc when you cross the boarder for illinois to indiana, you have to pay 50 cents. we joked how they're probably such a poor state that even 50 cents per car would help a lot. indiana to ohio? 30 cents. my dad kept telling my brother to ask the person what they need the 30 cents for. my brother ignored him haha

well now i can say i road trip passed illinois, indiana, and ohio :]

despite all that tho, michigan was fun. too bad we missed the ball.. just barely. oh well. next time.
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