hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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guilty pleasures

yesterday as dudum7 and i stopped by albertson's, i noticed that ho-ho's were on sale and decided to get them. unfamiliar with albertson's, i was surprised how long it took me to find a box of ho-ho's... but to my delight, i noticed twinkies and those hostess cupcakes were on sale also.

here's the life changing dilemma, which one do i get? hesitating for a second, yes, only for a second, i grabbed one box per... haha in my defense, i bought baby sweet tomatoes too. haha uhm... you know, to balance things out.

on my way home, i ate one of each hostess -______- ... what? they are delicious! :X you have to be proud tho, i didnt eat anymore last night. i did munch on those tomatoes tho :D

today, i brought them all to work. i just had a cupcake for breakfast. i realized that these are my guilty pleasures haha

i'm gonna get so fat... sigh. nothing that tastes this good is ever good for you. ever.

oh well. just this one time...

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