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i cant sleep

i'm so excited about my m5 trip, i cant sleep. i spent the whole day yesterday talking to my friends about m5 and our trip. what we're gonna do, what we're gonna say, etc etc etc. IT'S GONNA BE THE BOMB!! OMG. i really hope suggs get ALL our emails and you know... finds us frustrating and gives us passes for all three shows hahahahah ok, all i asked for was one show, but having all three is COOL. hehe

"3 cities, 2 states, 1 band"

yesterday i wanted to go finish watching "keeping the faith" and do my customized icons... but i spend all day chatting! WHOO i love talking to my whores!!! they are all sooo fun hahahaha you cant believe the things we do for these guys... but yeah... i did change the layout. isnt it coool?! i love my rockon icon heheh it's the best!

right now i'm waiting for heather to call me back... i hope her grandmother's ok. =( and what is up with my entries? i think after i put up the whole disclaimer thingy, it's harder for me to get my entries on my friend's friends site hahaha oh wells, i gotta know how i can fix that.

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