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i dont think i've done this one before

so i'm gonna go do it since i have nothing better to do... maybe i should nap...

home on the range-

location - sf, ca
place of birth - sf, ca.
other places you've lived - for a short period of time or long period? lol i lived in hk, taiwan for a few months. and trips here and there
who do you live with? - my family
who have you lived with in the past besides these people? - my uncle, my cousin, my aunt
do you have any pets? - nope
what about previous pets? - i had a dog, two parrotts i think?, one hampster and a bunch of fishes
what is your bedroom like? bunch of play stuff and maroon5.
places you would like to live or visit - japan

-bittersweet symphony-

who are your favorite bands/artists? - maroon5. gavin degraw is cool
can you play/have you ever played/do you wish you could play any musical instruments? - i cant play much LOL i've learned a few instruments when i was younger but i dont remember much about it anymore. i would like to play any musical instrument lol
what are your favorite sad songs? - is white flag by dido sad?
happy songs? - hmmm i'll get back to you on that
sexy songs? - maroon5 songs are SEX. <-- ditto
angry songs? - papercut - linkin park
what band/artist are you ashamed to admit you like? - hanson
have you ever met any famous musicians? - yes. ones that are important to me, marooon5! lol
if you could have dinner with one band/artist, who would you choose? - maroon5. duh. <-- ditto
if you could have sex with one band member/artist, who would you choose? - jesse carmichael, thank you
if you could be best friends with one band member/artist, who would you choose? - jesse carmichael lol
are there any bands/artists/songs that you can't or find difficult to listen to because of a memory or emotion attached to them? - i'm sure there is one... just cant think of one that i CANT listen to because of memories
Are any bands or artists that you used to really like, but now you don't? - i still like backstreet boys' songs, but not as much as i used to
are there any bands or artists that you used to really not like, but now you do? - VRF

-the big picture-

what are your favorite films in the following genres:
comedy - catch me if you can? it's comedy right?
horror - i'm not too keen on horror
drama - fight club? or is that comedy? runaway jury was cool
action - bad boys 2
childrens - finding nemo, monsters inc.
favorite actors/actresses - natalie portman, she's so pretty.
actors/actresses you'd like to have dinner with - edward norton! or brad pitt is nice hehe
role in a movie/TV show you wish you could have played - jean from the x men. super powers ohh
have you ever been on television? - dont think so hehe
if you could wake up tomorrow and be any actor/actress, who would you choose? natalie portman? LoL i dunno
actors/actresses you wish would just disappear - jlo

-the written word-

favorite authors/books - the juniper game, loved it as a kid
favorite genres - romantic mysteries LOL
favorite characters - no preference
do you write? - yeah, i love to write, literally, doesnt matter what i'm writing about
do you keep a journal? - yes. this one and a real one... havent written in that one in a while

-the human body-

do you have any piercings? - not anymore
do you have any tattoos? - nope
are there any tattoos or piercings that you want? - i'm thinking a tattoo somewhere on my ankle, or lower back, or maybe on my scar
are there any tattoos or piercings that you hate? - naw
have you ever broken a bone? - i dont think i did? haha but i was very naughty as a kid
worst injury you've ever had - i think the only one i could remember is falling on a bamboo
how tall are you? - 5'6½"
how much do you weigh? - 120 ish
do you have any birthmarks? - i dont think so haha let me look... jk
is there anything about your body that makes you stand out? - i have three molds on the back of my neck that is lined up. it's almost like the orion's belt... almost.
have you ever had any operations? - not that i remembered???
would you ever consider plastic surgery? - hah no

-the origin of love-

do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? (if not, skip over questions you can't answer or choose an ex) - yeah
what is their name? - jonathan
how old are they? - 22
how long have you been together? - almost six months =P
what is one really good memory you have of them? - going to LA. M5! and just basically napping with him =)
what is one really bad memory you have of them? -
their best physical features - eyes
their best personality features - he's sweet

turn-ons - the hair. the neck. the way they carry themselves. the positive ways they treat ppl. the way they smell, good smell hehe
turn-offs - rude. jerky. insensitive
favorite part of the body of the opposite sex - the neck
favorite part of the body of the same sex - uh? hair?
hetero, bi, or homosexual? - straight, thank you. <-- me too hehe


scents - on guys. ohhh
sounds - music
tastes - everything, I LOVE FOOD
articles of clothing that you own - my maroon5 sweatshirt


have you ever done drugs? - nope
what drugs do you still use? - well that one that we call nothing
what drug/s have you never used, but would like to try? - none. thanks. i did thought about e once in my life, didnt try it tho. yay for me
what is one of your funniest drug or alcohol-related stories? - gilbert. brian's gilbert. about denys' party and how he texted brian for help LOL
what is one of your least funniest? - i choose to not name it...
what drugs do you wish didn't exist? - the ones that hurt you physically and mentally?
what is/was your favorite drug? - n/a
what is your stance on drugs? - "drugs aren't cool, stay in school." <-- thank you lol
if you could go back and change your life so that you'd never tried a certain drug, which would you choose? - considering that i've never tried them, i couldn't go back. <-- same lol


what is your iq? - i have no clue. and i dont think you can trust those online ones lol
have you ever been arrested? - nope
pet peeves - when ppl dont wear their seatbelts.
guilty pleasures - jesse carmichael lol bacon lol
if you could have three wishes, what would they be? - 1. have special powers, yes i know LOL hey it's my wish. 2. have a lot of money 3. free the genie? LOL world peace?

ok that was fun lol

Tags: time waster

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