hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go


wow, it's july already...

so i swear that for a while now there are two moths living in my room. they are the small kind, not the big kind. once in a while i see them flying around (not together). why dont i kill them you ask? well.. ever since my parents and sister became vegetarian, it's obvious that they dont like killing things... even bugs... which makes total sense... and that sorta rubbed off on me too... so i let these two moths live in my room. they dont really do too much but annoy me anyway.

yesterday night one of them was trying to join me in my reading and wouldnt leave me alone. eventually after much persuasion of waving my book, it did leave me alone... but only for me to look to my side a few mins later and see both moths. they were F-ING MATING! IN MY ROOM! ok, i have to be honest, i dont really know how moths mate. but if one butt is on top of another's is not mating then i dont know what that is!

ok that's it. i have to do something. two is already bad enough. i dont want more. but i still cant kill it. and my sister definitely wont do it for me. haha it was no help that when i asked her if i should kill them, she said she cant answer me LOL

so eventually i found a plastic cup and i was able to trap them into the cup. it wasnt hard considering that they were distracted lol i was also able to get a good look at them mating. the cup's clear. yes i know i'm a pervert. it's pretty interesting. it basically looked like one butt is eating the other... but i guess when you think about it, if you dont really understand sex... it would look the same, yeah? HAHA

anyway i threw the cup away in the outside trash can. so they are alive when i dispose of them :) making me NOT the killer.

well it was nice rooming with ya, but what do you expect when you mate when i'm around?!?! that's just rude.

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