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i've always been a movie person. i dont watch tv bc i have a somewhat busy schedule. as i was told once, my schedule should not revolve around tv. so i dl the ep, watch it online or/and watch the series on dvd. you know, watch it on my free time. it fits better that way. but i've always made time for movies. i like watching movies. i'm not sure why. it could be bc of the bigger screen, nicer sound system and the junk food... maybe. just maybe. or maybe bc i cant wait for the movie to come out on dvd. but either way, i dont mind wasting my money on it. even if it was the worse movie of the century.

for a while now, all the movies i've watched were "ok." none has really hit it for me. none where i would go "i'm so buying the dvd." none that kept me entertained. but that has changed. maybe for the lack of good movies, i caught myself watching a few good movies the past week (yes i watched all of them in one week)... all which i would like to recommend.

i am a pixar fan. i collect all their movies. i thought their first few were awesome. but then i thought they lost their touch (at least for me) when the incredibles came out. that movie was alright but i had to watch it a few times for me to like it like the others, for it to grow on me.

cars was worse. no offense to ppl who liked it but i thought it was almost "below average." i mean i didnt hate it but i didnt think it met with my pixar standards. maybe my standards are too high. maybe i need to watch it a few more times so it'll grow on me. but i havent even watched the dvd i owned yet. not once.

but for ratatouille. it was just... amazing. it's like monster inc all over again. where i dont mind watching it over and over in the movie theatre. the story line was good/original. it was funny. it was entertaining. just... you have to see it.

live free or die hard
i had no intention in watching this movie but went anyway. heck, i'm a movie person and i heard nothing but good of this movie.

all i have to say about this movie is "yippie kai yay." this movie has kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie. it's practically non-stop. i feel out of breath JUST watching him. i have to admit the ending was no bang but i like how he ended it :)

ocean's 13
i loved ocean's 11. i loved the interaction with daniel and rusty. i love how everything fell into place at the end of the movie. it was good. but then came ocean's 12, most would agree, wasnt as good. it was so bad i didnt even buy the dvd. but of course, i had to watch ocean's 13. i had a good time watching this. maybe it's a vegas thing. maybe only the ocean team can only be their best at the casinos? maybe i liked it bc it's the same actors for the same characters. it's not as good as ocean's 11 but still not bad at all. i would say definitely watch it once. but you wont regret watching it whether it is on the theatre or on dvd. it's a fun movie.

i've owned a few of their toys. ok i take that back, my brother did. but i never watched the cartoons. i also had no interest in watching this movie until i saw the trailer. i knew i had to see it. the graphics were awesome. shia labeouf's character was great. there were a number of witty /funny moments. the graphics were great. the plot was alright but with all the action and stuff, who cares haha but there were a few times it went so fast i was like "huh." but over all, GOOD. did i mention the graphics were awesome?

if you're looking for a good time, take yourself and maybe a special someone or two out and go catch one of these movies. or two... or all of them.

as for me. i will buy 3 out of the 4 movies when it comes out on dvd. well technically, i would only get 2 as i know my brother would get one of them for sure :)

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