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i'm having lots of sequals recently! (well not really, this is only the second one, but anyway...)

referring back to an old entry, i was excited to see edward norton at the pre-oscar party when i was "sent" down to LA for m5. i mean, m5 and edward norton. cant get any better than that. the party was great but la sigh, there was no edward norton *sad*sad* he never showed up. and even if he was there, i would've never seen him bc the vip area is too out of reach. so yeah. whatever. m5 was still great.

but guess what happened today? i get google alerts for edward norton also. yep. and i got an alert that he will be appearing at comic-con in san diego at the end of this month. i hesitated if i should go. i mean the panel is on the weekend. so why not? but would i want to drive all the way down there by myself for one day to see edward norton? but then again, why not? it's not like i havent done it before with m5. but i never drove down ALONE. so hmmmmm ponder ponder

the first person i asked just happened to be the right one bc my sister jumped at it when she heard the name "comic-con." after 2 comic-con admission fees (1 adult and 1 junior) and a booked hotel room later, my plans to go see edward norton was finished. this was all decided, planned, bought and booked within 2 hours LOL talk about spontaneous!

but heck, i was given a second chance and i took it. you cannot fulfill your dreams just by sitting there waiting for it to come to you right? you have to go catch it. :) anyway, that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it haha

now i just hope he doesnt flake on me like what he did last time!!!! wish me luck!

little side note(s): alright, i have to admit that i was also motivated in going bc i was given another reason: my sister wanted to go. and i know we'll both have fun at the convention. besides, he's going to be in the incredible hulk panel. he cannot back out from that! he's the main character! ok i better stop jinxing myself

my sister asked me if i'm going to cosplay. my answer? HELL NO. as much as i love to cosplay, i want to meet edward norton as myself not as kakashi. it works well bc i was just thinking how i can be fan girl to an L cosplayer when i see him/her if i'm cosplaying as kakashi. kakashi would look so gay! lol

P.S. if you're wondering, (which i'm sure you're not, but i'll tell you anyway) i set up edward norton google alerts so i can find out the next time he'll be having some appearance so i can see if i can make it LOL glad it worked!

i changed my mood theme to L, which is really funny bc L has little to no emotion. just look at his "exciting" mood theme pic! hahahah my sister was saying how she thought about making a L mood theme all with just one photo LOL i'm slowly, ever so slowly, changing my layout to a L theme... i'm waiting on one little detail for my banner to make it complete... almost there.
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