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L is Love

i recently finished watching death note (anime). i hate to admit this but i think i've formed a cartoon crush on the character L. yes, you heard me right lol yes, his name is L. well more like it's a nickname... but yeah. anyway... it actually saddens me to know i wont ever get to meet him bc he doesnt exist LOL i know, i'm lame! haha it's funny bc it's not like he's a "good looking" cartoon... actually quite the contrary. he's pale and he never sleep so he has dark circles below his eyes. he also has bad composure (apparently it makes him think better) so he's always slouching. always. esp when he sits in his chair, his legs are always on the chair, never on the floor. he's really weird lol

so why i like him? bc he's so damn smart. smart and witty in a not-so-obvious way... and maybe bc he's weird? hehehe ahhhh L ♥ the way i describe him isnt very attractive but he's a very popular character lol

anyway... i changed my lj layout as an L theme :D banner and all. click on my name, or here to look at it. the photo on the right of the banner is L and me chibi form eating a lollipop hehehe for the ppl who dont watch death note, L eats nothing but sweets. i had psychoe (laur) draw it for me. thanks!

i'm really proud of my layout. i did a lot of tweaking around so i'm really happy it worked! thanks to s2expressive for that. life savers.

and if you noticed, i put my name as L & elle. yes i really dont like to be called elle. i prefer eli... but for the sake of it sounding cool, i put that haha

i would comment on the mood theme, but i already did in the last entry. so. ok. that's it :)

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