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work + weird ppl = tiring day

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that there are some mean guests that visits my work and some nice ones too. and some weird ones...

like today at closing... we were turning off the tvs and closing doors and going aroudn kicking ppl out. NORMALLY when you turn off the tv, ppl who are watching it would leave. but there were this couple that were sittign in front of the plazma and when i walked passed them, the tv was already turned off and everyone else around them left but they were still sitting there... staring at the TURNED OFF plazma. and i'm like "ok..." but i decided maybe they are tired or waiting for someone so i didnt bother them, asuming they were leaving soon. then later on i see the girl sitting there by herself... so i told her "oh is everything ok?" and she's like "oh i'm just waiting for my husband, he's looking around" and i'm thinking "OH KAY." so i went looking for her husband and i saw him browsing around, ALL ALONE, with everything turned off, no one around or anything,

I asked "is everything ok? do you need any help?"

"oh no, i'm just browsing"

".... well i just wanna tell you that we're closed right now"

"OH i didnt hear any annoucements"

"yeah, we dont give annoucements, we usually like to do it personally and individually"

i dunno... soemtimes i think turning the tv off in front of you is a good enough anouncement lol

another weird encounter is... today while i did my normal routine of greeting ppl, i came across these three girls standing in the middle of the store, talking to each other, not in front of a product, but just to each other, in a circle. and i wonder if i should bother them and decided not to ... i mean... would you? lol and then half an hour later, i went in to count money, came back out and they were still there. i sorta ignored them and later a couple came and those five ppl stood there in the middle of the store in a circle, talking lol my coworker was saying "i think they are plotting a way to steal, you better keep an eye on them" i DUNNO what they were doing. they were in between the walkmans and mds, in a circle, blocking ppl. i mean, they could've done it outside LOL why in the store? lol

P.S. my fingee got a boo boo. clock radio box evil!! attack of the box!! me go "ah!" scary~!. clock radio box phobia now.

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