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imagine life

what would you do if you have endless amount of money?

imagine how life would be.

i would buy a house for my family. then remodel the inside to my liking.... hmmm or maybe have them remodel it to their liking and i'll buy another house for myself to remodel to my liking haha i'll buy new houses for every relative. lol

i'll probably buy more cars. just bc. maybe another color fit. a few hybrids. m5. m3. whee~!

i'll donate money to the ones who need them: schools, shelters, 3rd world countries, etc, etc. anyone who needs them. here you go. yes even to you. why not. lol

i'll quit my job and buy m5's management. do some things that i think will improve life a little :X hahahah then put moslz on their tour so we can tour with them. YAY.

during m5's down time, i'm going traveling. anywhere you can think of, i'll be there. woot woot. bring my sister to japan. lunch in paris anyone?

i'm trying out all types of food. FOOD FOOD FOOD! in the origin! sashimi in japan! korean bbq in korea!

and since i have endless amount of money, of course i'll treat all my friends to come with me!

it's so fun to think about these things. :D

tishbite23 have this really good entry about what she'll do if she wons the lottery. i cant write half as good as her but yeah. her entry was funny.

i think everyone should think about what they'll do if money was not an issue. haha let your imagination run wild! it's fun lol
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