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big cars

is it me or has anyone else noticed that most ppl who drives big cars are not good drivers? and i'm not talking big cars like buses, mack trucks, tour buses... i'm talking about SUVs, pick-up trucks, vans.

majority of them either cant drive, drive like a mad men or/and are assholes. i cant tell you how many times i've almost got hit bc they cant see me since the car is too big and i'm in their blind spots. or the many times i get tailgated by big cars. or how the times they speed by me like they're driving sports cars. come on, it's no sports car!

and here is one of my asshole-who-drives-a-big-car stories: i was on the freeway once during the day. i noticed a pick-up truck speeding up quick behind me. he flashes his lights telling me to get out of the way. even tho there were NO cars around me, which makes it extremely easy for him to cut over and go on his way, i still decided to be nice and cut over for him. after i did that, he passes by me, cuts in front of me and brakes quickly.


there are no cars in front of him. i was already nice to cut over when i didnt need to and now he brakes in front of me? can we say "asshole"? ASSHOLE!

they also suck bc they blind me half to death at nights.

no offense to anyone who drives one but seriously, i've had a lot of bad experiences with them. and driving down to san diego could've trigger my annoyance bc i was on the road for at least 8 hrs.

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