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san diego comic con. wii

my trip to comic con was pretty fast hahaha well what did i expect? we literally went down for one day lol i was thinking how driving to LA was such a breeze, it wouldnt make that much of a diff to drive to san diego. i mean it's only ~2 hrs away.

uh, wrong lol traffic is so horrible going to and from LA to san diego. HORRIBLE both ways! remind me, next time if it's to san diego, i'm flying LOL or we're driving at crack of dawn or something.

anyway he didnt flake on me, i got to see edward norton!! i was in the SAME room as edward norton! :D my heart totally skipped a beat when i saw him walk on stage. he was cuter in person :D granted i was in the room with 6000 other ppl but that's besides the point! i'm one step closer than before hahahaha good enough for me :P

he must've been nervous bc the first time he tried to answer a question, he was having problems completing a sentence and he didnt even looked at the camera o__O? but i dont care! i still love him! lol

next time tho, i'll consider going to the whole convention and not just one day :) seemed like we missed a lot. oh well. next time.

i also got to meet up with jos and heather. so that's always good :D mslz! i dont think you can pronounce that haha no vowel!

oh p.s. i am over half a year late but i finally got the wii!!!!! :D now i just need to get wii play and another remote and we're good! let's do a wii party once i get all four remotes haha i bring the wii, you name the place (sorry, i have nowhere to host it lol)

edited: 8/3 - thanks to carlos for getting me the wii play :)
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