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i'm better than your gf songs

so avril's "girlfriend" song has been on heavy play with my sister's winamp. it's a catchy song. the lyrics are funny. i'm not gonna go into the whole she copied another song, blah blah blah deal... but yeah, despite all that, i always thought how stupid the content of the song is.

anyway, today i was listening to "don't cha," which is very similar in content: basically i like you, i KNOW you like me, i'm better than your gf. and that's when i decided i want to share why i think songs with these type of messages are stupid

seriously. if he really likes you as you said, and you really are better than his gf, again, as you said, then why is he still with his gf? uh, reality check, bc you arent better lol

dont get me wrong, i like the song "don't cha," it's also catchy and did i mention, fun to sing? lol and i also think "girlfriend" is a fun song too. funny lyrics and all.

but seriously, it might give some girls too much of a self-esteem lol i wouldnt talk until you got the guy :) and being with him while he's still with his gf, is not getting the guy.

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