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cute gay guys

you know how you ("you" in mainly girls) always say that "someone that cute/good looking has to be gay"? if he's single and cute, he must be gay. even if he doesnt act gay, you know? and majority of the gay guys you know are either good looking or cute, right?! i'm right, arent i!

and have you heard how now being gay could be a genetic thing? it's not something you choose to be but it's just how you are when you're born? i'm not exactly sure how true that is. but be it a choice or not, i'm cool either way. but let's say for the sake of argument it is genetic in this entry.

WHAT IF. what if the gay gene IS the cute gene? say that he's cute bc of a particular gene and it just HAPPENS to be the gay gene. and for the guys who are cute but straight, what if they are gay but in denial or just doesnt know it?!?! or they were raised to like girls and it just stuck to them? embarrassed to go the other way?

if that's the case, then can i just say that all girls are screwed?! LOL

if it's true, let's just hope that girls (who likes guys) would find a cute guy who doesnt know he's gay and never would :D lol and for the guys who like guys that the cute ones you like noticed they are gay LOL ok. let's just hope whatever your preference is, you would find the perfect one for you! there!

i'm just being silly. try not to be offended if you're a straight good looking guy :P



(Deleted comment)
Aug. 30th, 2007 05:25 pm (UTC)
that's good to know! (about turning ppl gay haha)

yeah i saw his pics. thanks to you he added me on myspace. lol he was so skinny back then. now he's all muscles and such hhahaha oh god i will die if he read our convo here

anyway, i never knew about those ads! interesting!

yeah jenny is :D

i dont think we changed that much (in terms of looks) LOL we still look the same. (except older of course). i was looking at some kiddie pics of you yesterday in your house lol!


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