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playing cupid

the other day i was being bad and wanted to play cupid. it wasnt like i was gonna force them to go on a date together or set up some blind date hahah but it just hit me that i think they would like each other's company. basically, i wanted to introduce them to each other. i had confidence that after i introduced them, everything else will fall into place and they will be thanking me at their wedding (kidding about the wedding part). but definitely thought that they would at least hook up.

but recent situations forbid me to even introduce them together. i know this is silly but i'm a little upset about that. haha i was really looking forward to introducing them and seeing how the relationship will unfold in front of me!

oh well. introducing them seems like it wont happen any time soon... if at all! but i figured if i'm right and such, then fate would have it's way and they would somehow meet anyway (without my help)! lol so take that!

maybe i'll assign them sitting together at some party i'll host in the future or something LOL!

bad, e, bad!

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