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bored in traffic

traffic to work was horrible today (which is unusual bc i go local), i was stuck on oak st behind a lancer for a while. so i got bored and started to wonder about the asian guy driving the lancer (surprise!) in front of me.

he had his arm casually sticking out the window holding a cigarette. and by the little part of arm that i saw, i noticed that he was wearing a suit. small speculations of him started... like is he short bc he looks short, is the person in the passenger seat a female or male, etc, etc. and of course, i tried to get a glimpse of his face in the side or rear view mirror but failed miserably.

as i gave up on trying to find out how this lancer-driving-suit-wearing-asian guy look like... he popped his head out his window, turned around and waved at me.

uh. it was my ex. o__O

yes ladies and gentlemen, i have just attempted to check out my ex. not something you say everyday.
Tags: funny, past

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