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i love my boardwhores

I GOT MY HOB TICKETS!! uhm... House of Blues. you know. M5 Headlining?!?! well yeah! I GOT IT BABY. I'm so going bwhahaha I hear a roadtrip coming =)

but anyways i was on the forum a min ago and they came across the topic of ben affleck and jlo. they talked about that tv show interview of them and the relationship... i saw a little of that with weaver lol and someone mentioned how that even tho she doesnt like jlo very much, they looked happy and in love. and someone said something that i thought was funny, she said,

...yeah I saw it. They do look in love, but then again Ms. JLo looked in love with Puffy and also with Chris Judd. Maybe she has that look down pat?

Touché. I'm so mean.

hahaha i love this forum. you can read about this thread here

whoo hoo, i realized it takes exactly a song to update a prewritten entry :D i wanna ask ppl to go to my friend, eddy's site, </a></b></a>basicstories to look at his 19 Jul 2003 03:57pm entry. he drew the cutest picture there. you have to see it. i think i'm finally done. dont expect me to update in a while hahaha jk =P

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